Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

Dimien is a specialty chemical manufacturer of ceramics and inorganics that are used as additives in laminates, inks, coatings, plastics, and other ceramics. We provide high performance chemical products that seamlessly integrate into the manufacturing and production facilities around the world. Our advanced and innovative chemical products primarily target energy related markets and create a more energy sustainable future. 

Engineering and Technical Support

Whether product, process, or analytical services are needed, Dimien has the technical staff and capabilities to provide a suite of technical services centered on manufacturing metal-oxides or ceramic powders. Bottom-up or top-down nanomaterials? We can help! Use the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry and see if our services fit your needs. 

Startup & Grant Guidance

Look familiar?  -  Dimien's roots began to form in Buffalo NY, not the most investment noteworthy region, yet we have been successful as a startup with multiple federal, state, and local grants/contracts in addition to outside capital. Does the image above look familiar? It's all about validating value propositions, finding customers, and honestly, a bit of good fortune. If you're applying for an SBIR/STTR award or are looking to start a business, we can help get you started and keep you on the right path.

We don't offer legal or accounting services but we can point you in the right direction.