Who We Are

Dimien is a clean tech manufacturer of ceramics and inorganics that are used as additives in laminates, inks, coatings, plastics, and other ceramics. We provide high performance chemical products that seamlessly integrate into the manufacturing and production facilities around the world.

In 2013, Brian Schultz was finishing up his PhD in Chemistry at the University at Buffalo. It was then that he realized there was a major gap between what was being created/researched in academia and what companies could actually manufacture on a scaled level. He graduated from the National Science Foundation I-Corps program that trains scientists to become customer centric with the goal of commercializing technology. After winning the 2013 The Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (NSF SBIR) grant, and a New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) contract, Dimien launched with nearly $300,000 of non-dilutive funding. Brian brought on Sean Depner, a friend and PhD candidate at that time, and began the journey creating and perfecting our environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Dimien has been the recipient of multiple NSF SBIR awards, NYSERDA contracts, Directed Energy grants, and Western New York Incubator Network (WIN) project funds. It is with these funds that Brian and the team have taken a process and products that would normally have been stuck at the academia level and molded it to be available at commercial scale, bridging that gap between academia and manufacturing companies.

Today, Dimien is a Cleantech company, consisting of four core employees and a wide variety of advisers. We are backed by private capital, strategic partners, and venture funds that share our vision and are accelerating our agenda. We are excited to be growing, taking next steps, and working with new ideas. Only great things are ahead!


What we do

Our mission is to advance state-of-the-art cleantech chemical products with innovation and world-wide distribution.



At our core, we are chemical manufacturers. We control a block of intellectual property around a water-based manufacturing method and a suite of chemical products. That environmentally friendly process uses water, temperature, and pressure to generate nanoparticles.

The inspiration for Dimien is centered on cleantech chemical products for energy conservation, storage, and generation. To achieve breakthrough impacts in cleantech we rely on a combination of strategic partners, government grants, partnerships with universities, private capital, our eco-friendly manufacturing platform, and our talented team to bring this to reality. Innovation is the result of teamwork!


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our manufacturing system takes hot pressurized water to the extreme to produce chemicals. Scientifically, this is known as a hydrothermal manufacturing process that uses supercritical water, which has very different and unique properties than water we use for drinking, bathing, and pretty much everything. It’s hard to imagine, but think about the drastic differences between ice, water, and steam; supercritical water is still water but with very different properties. Under the right engineered conditions, we use supercritical water to produce nanomaterials in a continuous fashion with narrow particle size distributions, high chemical selectivity, and high scalability.

The best part, we don’t need toxic solvents or harsh chemicals and nearly all the water we use can be recycled and reused!



Only in the last few decades have scientists been able to observe, characterize, and work with nanomaterials after the advent of high powered electron microscopes and various other characterization methods. In 2016, over 1,900 U.S. based companies conduct R&D, manufacture, or have products with nanotechnology.*

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials provide the world with unique benefits and capabilities including: superfast computers with vast amounts of storage, self-cleaning surfaces, stain free textiles, antibacterial surfaces, healthcare products, cosmetics, solar panels, high capacity batteries, LEDs, stronger more durable construction materials, and smart windows.


What We Make

We make chemicals, plain and simple. Our chemicals are incorporated into other various end products including high performance glass, architectural materials, and batteries, among others.

Interested in learning more about our products and what benefits they can provide to your company? Please contact info@dimien.com or submit an inquiry to learn more about our products, request samples, or learn about how these products can impact the environment and your bottom line.


Performance Glass

Leading off our products is the E3 View Smart Window Series which automatically adjusts the amount of the sun’s warmth passing through a window.



Dimien has teamed up with Texas A&M University to further develop and optimize a Mg-ion or multivalent battery as a high energy density, low cost battery cathode.


Other Products

We manufacture other various nanoparticle products that impact the energy landscape, many of which are still under development.


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