Where did Dimien come from?

You might remember from our previous posts that an advisor of ours, John Klymshyn, hosts his own podcast. We are excited to share that Dimien's very own co-founders Brian and Sean were featured on his "YourStartUpAdvisor's Podcast."

If you want the opportunity to learn a little more about Dimien and how it came to be, check out the episode titled, "The Chemistry Behind Entrepreneurship," where Brian and Sean dive in and discuss how it works going from Chemistry backgrounds to running a business. They share their thoughts on dividing responsibilities, managing employees, how to move the business forward, and where Dimien just might be headed in the future. You can learn what excites two entrepreneurs and how that excitement keeps them going.   

The Search is On!

For the past few years, Dimien has taken on an intern through the UB Career Experience Program, and we are excited to have the opportunity to participate once again! The internship allows for a University at Buffalo student to work up to 12 paid hours a week through the 2018 Spring Semester. 

Dimien is currently looking for someone to fill an Associate Engineer Internship position. If you are a Full-Time UB student, have had two semesters of college level chemistry courses, meet all the other minimum requirements, and are interested in gaining some real-life wet lab experience, you can go to the UB Bullseye Website (powered by Handshake) and apply today.

Check out Dimien's Careers Page to view the full list of minimum requirements as well as the experience you could gain if chosen for the position. The deadline to apply is November 14, 2017.

Coach K Came to Visit!

Dimien was very fortunate to host a visit for John Klymshyn a.k.a Coach K. You may have read one of John's books, for example; How to Sell Without Being a Jerk, or maybe seen one of his videos on Youtube or PodCasts. You may have even been present at one of John's speeches possibly on well, "How to Sell Without Being a Jerk!"

Coach K has been an adviser to our team at Dimien for awhile now and we were grateful to get a chance to work together in person as well as show off what we do here at Dimien. It wasn't all work when John was in Buffalo though! For lunch we went to Lloyd's Taco Factory and made sure we stopped next door for dessert at Churn Soft Serve.

Dimien's Afternoon at Canalside

Our team decided to take a break from the usual day-to-day and take a trip where we not only had a team meeting and lunch at Big Ditch Brewing Company, but we also made our way to the harbor where we walked along Canalside, taking in some of Buffalo's beauty. Dimien is proud to be located among the City of Good Neighbors, as we were very grateful to those who helped us take these photos. 

2017 43North Semifinalist!

Dimien has been chosen as one of the 134 semifinalists out of 502 start-ups from around the world who submitted applications to the 43North competition this year. Upon completing our pitch in the first round, we are excited to see which companies are chosen as finalists when they are announced in September 2017. We are honored to be named as one of the start-ups that could not only benefit from everything 43North has to offer, but to be considered to bring something to the table here in Buffalo.


You can see what Governor Cuomo had to say about the 43North Semifinalist announcement here!

Dimien hits Sales Target

Dimien has begun to receive purchase orders from it's strategic partners for our E3 View Particle Series products. As we currently work to fill the orders we have already received, we look forward to providing our unique product as well as continuing to fulfill future orders. Dimien is also expecting to expand its product base as it looks to grow as a specialty chemical manufacturer.  

New Year, New Interns


Dimien LLC has taken on UB student Bill Pratt, through the Biomedical Engineering Program at the University at Buffalo. This is Bill's second time interning with Dimien, as his first was courtesy of the UB Career Experience Program. The program has aided us yet again in bringing on intern, Tim Chewens, a Chemical Engineering major. Both students are gaining experience while furthering their education in a hands on environment. 

Rachael's Success Story


The Career Experience Program through UB's Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (CBLS) has successfully matched multiple students with internships at small businesses where the students end up being offered part-time and even full-time positions with the companies. We are proud to have Rachael recognized as one of these individuals through the UB News Center in Grove Potter's article, see the full story at Companies Can Hire UB Students and Have Their Salaries Paid Too.