The Search is On!

For the past few years, Dimien has taken on an intern through the UB Career Experience Program, and we are excited to have the opportunity to participate once again! The internship allows for a University at Buffalo student to work up to 12 paid hours a week through the 2018 Spring Semester. 

Dimien is currently looking for someone to fill an Associate Engineer Internship position. If you are a Full-Time UB student, have had two semesters of college level chemistry courses, meet all the other minimum requirements, and are interested in gaining some real-life wet lab experience, you can go to the UB Bullseye Website (powered by Handshake) and apply today.

Check out Dimien’s Careers Page to view the full list of minimum requirements as well as the experience you could gain if chosen for the position. The deadline to apply is November 14, 2017.