Performance Glass

Building and home windows are designed for clarity, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. All high performance windows have a coating or thin film that improves energy efficiency by regulating the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared (heat) energy from the sun. The problem is that these high performance windows do NOT adapt to varying climate, building, and environmental conditions, limiting efficiency gains.

Leading off our products is the E3 View Smart Window Series which automatically adjusts the amount of the sun’s warmth passing through a window.

Dimien’s E3 View is a material additive/component that is added to new and existing windows to reduce solar heat gain during warm weather conditions while allowing the benefits of solar heat gain during cold weather conditions. E3 View is auto-responsive to temperature (scientifically called thermochromic) allowing heat to either be rejected or accepted into a building based on temperature.

For example, during a warm sunny day E3 View will reject solar heat, saving on AC costs. During cold days, that same solar heat that is a nuisance in summer is captured within the building, saving on heating costs. E3 View does not change visible transparency; therefore, natural daylight is never sacrificed, saving on lighting costs. The window is adaptive and responds to temperature fluctuations providing very high energy efficiencies. E3 View: making ordinary windows smart!

In addition, for added control, users can have manual control over this “heat shield switch” by applying an electricity with the flip-of-a-switch (scientifically known as electrochromic). The applications of this transformative material (speaking both literally and figuratively) are far reaching and will have a deep impact on energy sustainability and building utilities costs.

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