What we do

Our mission is to advance state-of-the-art cleantech chemical products with innovation and world-wide distribution.



At our core, we are chemical manufacturers. We control a block of intellectual property around a water-based manufacturing method and a suite of chemical products. That environmentally friendly process uses water, temperature, and pressure to generate nanoparticles.

The inspiration for Dimien is centered on cleantech chemical products for energy conservation, storage, and generation. To achieve breakthrough impacts in cleantech we rely on a combination of strategic partners, government grants, partnerships with universities, private capital, our eco-friendly manufacturing platform, and our talented team to bring this to reality. Innovation is the result of teamwork!


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our manufacturing system takes hot pressurized water to the extreme to produce chemicals. Scientifically, this is known as a hydrothermal manufacturing process that uses supercritical water, which has very different and unique properties than water we use for drinking, bathing, and pretty much everything. It’s hard to imagine, but think about the drastic differences between ice, water, and steam; supercritical water is still water but with very different properties. Under the right engineered conditions, we use supercritical water to produce nanomaterials in a continuous fashion with narrow particle size distributions, high chemical selectivity, and high scalability.

The best part, we don’t need toxic solvents or harsh chemicals and nearly all the water we use can be recycled and reused!



Only in the last few decades have scientists been able to observe, characterize, and work with nanomaterials after the advent of high powered electron microscopes and various other characterization methods. In 2016, over 1,900 U.S. based companies conduct R&D, manufacture, or have products with nanotechnology.*

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials provide the world with unique benefits and capabilities including: superfast computers with vast amounts of storage, self-cleaning surfaces, stain free textiles, antibacterial surfaces, healthcare products, cosmetics, solar panels, high capacity batteries, LEDs, stronger more durable construction materials, and smart windows.